ChefSmart food safety app for iPad


Intro/Temperature Logs

Get a brief overview of the ChefSmart Food Safety App and learn how to add refrigeration units to the app to start recording their temperature.

Delivery Temperature Logs

Learn the easy steps to add a food supplier to the system, then track the delivery temperature details of every delivery. You can choose to accept or reject a delivery if it does not meet your requirements.

Process Logs

Add process steps for any recipe you want including the required temperature for each step. Add, edit and save your steps along the way.

Cleaning Schedule

Add a complete cleaning schedule in the app. Assign employees to the schedule and mark off cleaning and maintenance duties as they are completed.

Forms and Records

Learn how to use the forms and records section of the ChefSmart app. Record inspections, customer complains and use the iPad’s built-in camera to keep records of forms and HACCP related materials.

The ChefSmart CMS

Learn how to navigate the ChefSmart Content Management System. Keep track of all recorded data from the ChefSmart app using the cloud-based CMS. Synchronise app data and export history as CSV files.